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[Free workshop!] New Responsive Engine Demystified

Hi everyone!

The new responsive engine has a bit of a learning curve!

Join me for a FREE 2-hour zoom session going over some practical examples (sign up, onboarding, dashboard)

Register interest here

Note the timing may change if beta release is delayed.



Just an update now that the engine is open to everyone!

This is definitely happening this Sunday!

48 people have registered already. Please do register and I’ll send the recording even if the Sunday 5pm time doesn’t work out for you.

Registration link:

I’ve been preparing and will try to share some GIFs/Loom videos here of stuff that will be covered


Looking forward to it, @ZubairLK !

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Thanks! Much needed :sweat_smile:

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Hi, are you going to share the recording?

Yes a recording will be shared with all those who registered

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Tune up the new responsive + repeating groups and it is hard to tell the difference between the bubble and code!

The full gif is too big to upload here

See it on Twitter here :

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Wow! Logged in to check between preparing some flexbox stuff for Sundays workshop.

Didn’t expect this number!

This is going to be great!

Add a message here now if you want to see something specific during the workshop!


Best practices for creating a New Page - should we be thinking Columns then Rows, or different
When we should use, or maybe never should use, a Fixed group
Would you recommend certain margin values to stay consistent, etc

A ‘Migration Guide’ could be helpful for switching over common page types people have to the new one - Landing Page, Dashboard, etc

A couple ‘blank’ pages with just rows and columns that we can then use as a base for Landing Pages, Dashboard, etc


Thanks. Will keep in mind when planning.

There is only so much I can squeeze in a 2 hour workshop…

@ZubairLK I am interested in a groupfocus element used as a navigation menu that fills the entire viewport less the height of a header and when dynamic content requires more height, the groupfocus would become scrollable.

Thanks for the suggestion. Although the workshop will cover the initial stuff first and this one may be something for a future session or video.


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Bit of an update. 178 people registered so I’ve changed this from a Zoom meeting to a Zoom webinar-style format.

And I’m trying to prepare even more for it to be great!

Rough outline is

  • Fundamentals of Flexbox intro
  • Bubble layout groups
  • Live building: Simple sign up
  • Live building: Left menu dashboard
  • If time allows, Repeating group, Table and Card

Register and get the recording in your inbox as well!


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@ZubairLK , do existing registrants need to re-enroll?

RG and Dashboard for sure. Big headaches on these 2! :rofl:


No need to register again. existing registrations already move automatically

Also if you can explain “full width Row” vs “full width column”

Yes full width is something I’m using a lot now in the new responsive and will cover it.

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Hey @ZubairLK will a recording be made available for those who were not able to attend?

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Yes please!