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Freelance Dev Needed for Booking/Scheduling App

Hi there,

I’m an experienced bubble developer looking for someone to help me improve and speed up the development of the booking portion of a mobile app. The app has been built and released in app store, but I keep finding bugs and I can’t help but think there must be a better/cleaner way of implementing it.

Feature Requirements:

  • Support for timezones
  • Time slots in 15 min. increments
  • Recurring time slots (weekly pattern)
  • add and block specific time slots (outside of weekly pattern)
  • Each user can manage multiple calendars independently

Hard part for me has been timezones and saving the manually added time slots without creating additional data. (Ideally, enter a date/time and match it with a timeslot and timezone).

Hey Will, have you checked out if the TopCal plugin could help you out? Sounds like a good use case.

Details about the plugin and an open Editor you can check out are available here: TopCal Plugin. Let me know if you have any questions :call_me_hand:

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@boston85719 is an ace at booking and scheduling :slight_smile:

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@jared.gibb you may want to chime in :+1:t2:


Hey @willtaylordesign if you need a freelancer I’d be happy to talk about your needs. I live in the US so I work on Eastern standard time 9 to 5 hours. HMU!

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Hey Will! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers or book a mentoring session with one of them.