Freelance developer | Ongoing work (10-15 hr p/week)

Hey Bubble!

We just released the beta version of a web3 music streaming platform called The Open Music Exchange. We are looking for an additional Bubble dev to help us QA, maintain, and add new features to the app.


Key Skills
~ User experience optimization skills.
~ Ability to take written or visual instructions from our team and make changes to the app.
~ QA testing the app to ensure functionality in all edge case scenarios.
~ Bubble performance techniques as this is a data-heavy app.
~ Bonus: Web3 knowledge, specifically around NFTs and smart contracts. Our team will help you expand your knowledge in this field.

How It Will Work
We will have Jira board set up for you with a prioritized list of detailed tasks that you will be able to work through on your own schedule.

Please reach out to me at with your hourly rate and some examples of past apps you have built (it’s okay if they are not live, send the version-test link).

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I’ve just sent you a DM.
Hope to have a productive discussion.