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Launching an MVP end of January. Making some good progress but running into some of my learning/time limitations. Require someone that can take over some of the key database and workflow parts of my site - happy to continue to handle UI layout and the design/look part myself.

Building a childcare search site for parents to search, map, track and log all of their notes and reviews. Will include SMS/email notifications and a more complex review/ranking system.

Key requirements:

  • Integrating with an external API that has all of the source childcare data.
  • troubleshooting/setting up reminder and notes pop-ups
  • integrating a custom search algorithm (based on weighting a user’s profile requirements against the properties of the entries in the database)
  • making the database calls as efficient as is possible

Additional potential requirements (depending on costs and timelines):

  • setting up the SMS component

If all goes well, definitely the opportunity to build out more functionality in future updates. I’m also building a second, more complex project that I’m happy to talk about as well.

Daycare Site (I have a mockup that I can update and share; Can also cleanup my current bubble project and share as well). Landing page below: - this is my followup project. Check it out and let’s talk.

Please let me know what additional information you would require for bidding purposes. Building out a more detailed spec sheet.



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Happy new year!

Hi Jon,

Happy New Year!
I could help you out with this…
You can reach me on

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Hi @jcowley,

Came across your inquiry.
We would be happy to help you out with your app. Please, check your inbox.


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