Freelance expert available?

I have built a home inspection app with Bubble and am seeking a freelance expert who can help with crucial functionality in the app.

What the app does:
At the almost of end of the construction of large apartment complex, the owners are invited to visit their new apartments, check if everything is okay and submit the list of defects as a result of an inspection on their homes. The app has been built to help the owners take pictures and take notes about the problems they found.

Since the apartment complex is still under construction, the internet is not available and everyone has to rely on their mobile data. But, the problem is the mobile signal is yet weak so uploading speed is quite limited. When tested, uploading 2 pictures taken by mobile camera could take minutes or hit timeouts.

Solutions sought:
Compress images as much as possible, build some way to enhance uploading… or caching images (tens or even hundreds though) and other data offline and upload when normal data/internet connection is gained. Or any other alternatives…

In addition, by storing 600+ image data, the DB is extremely slow, throwing out a message that there are large fields of over 10MB so save the data as files stuff.

Is there anyone who can help this problem on a contract basis?

Looking forward to hearing from experts,

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HI @y.john.rhee

I have sent you private message with the detail.

please check and let me know!