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Freelance work rates

Would it be enough for a cragslist type platform but with Braintree and other api’s added?


I highly doubt that would be enough. I would expect a very rough functioning system to be $10,000+.


That’s insane, how did you derive that?

Most agencies will charge you $100+ USD per hour. If you got lucky and found an individual willing to do it for less, a $60 per hour rate may be doable. So taking that rate multiplied by 4 weeks (160 hours), which would include discussion time to understand your requirements, a few hours for revisions, etc., $10,000 is not insane at all.

Good luck finding someone for $1500.


I agree with @Kfawcett on this one. Most developers I know ask for $5000 just for a simple app, without extra added functionality. I feel like $100 USD per hour is on the lower side for an agency to do it and I wouldn’t ask for anything less either.

You generally get what you pay for, and what you pay relates to how complicated and specialized your needs are.


I don’t agree with either of you at all … $1500 seems fair , it’s being built on bubble, lower cost is the selling point, no?

Anyways , I’ll be not so pessimistic as you guys and hope for the best.

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It you think it would only cost $1500, then you should be able to teach yourself how to build it and have it completed in less than a month. Why even hire someone?


The cost of the platform has zero to do with the cost of someone’s time.


Why are you going so far out of your way in an effort to make me think otherwise? Relax dude …

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If I were you, I might consider hiring someone for time and materials, not to “finish” your app. You can absolutely get a great start and probably even some pairing to put you in a good position to continue yourself, but 1500 is a tough budget.

Send me a message if you wanna talk more about options.

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What kind of functionalities will it have? Will it be simple or complex? I could build it for you if you don’t have the time to build it on bubble.

What is the top three complex functionalities; example account management, payment, messaging etc.

I highly encourage anyone and everyone to give CoBubble a try - it’s on-demand help for Bubblers.

Whether it’s scoping out a project, getting assistance with an issue, improve existing projects or beautifying others, you can get the help you need to keep pushing forward. (without breaking the bank)

Learn more about it from its own forum post.

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Wow cobubble looks awesome, I’ll be using the service in a week or so, thank you

Hi guys,

I’m facing difficulties with the Responsive side of my web app. I really need urgent help for me to overcome this hurdle. Looking for someone with expertise to handle the Responsive settings for mobile + tablet UI of my app. Anyone up to it?

Appreciate your prompt reply.

Best Regards,


Mail me at: [email protected] and skype me: cis.troy to disucss more.


For all the benefits of Bubble, including the amazing Bubble community, pricing has been the greatest challenge. There’s nothing better than helping someone get their idea to market but the expectation that this costs $1,500-2,000 for a custom app I think is the biggest setback.

70% of queries I receive are requests for large projects with below $2,000 budgets, I really want to help these people but it’s just not viable, and the result I would produce for that budget would not give them much chance of success in the marketplace, so it would end up being a waste of money.

I really think if you’re not willing to invest $5000 plus into getting your business off the ground then you should really think about doing it yourself, which Bubble is great for.


I stopped trying to win gigs from the Bubble forum because of this. There’s a funny expectation here that the Bubble skillset isn’t worth XXX dollars. I don’t take gigs less than $5k, and I have a steady stream of work to keep me occupied as a nice little stream of side money on top of my day job. Exactly zero of those gigs have come from the forum.


Hi Troy,

Nice to hear from you. I just want the Responsive side set correctly for mobile and tablet UI. I want someone trustworthy and honest.

Are you that type of person? How much?


We can discuss more about it via Mail: [email protected] or Skype: cis.troy

Looking forward!