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Freelancer/Bubble Developer

Looking for a bubble developer to assist with various tasks of a project part time. DM for more details.

@Builder125 Hi Joe, do you have more details?

I’d love to chat about your needs! I’m based in Michigan USA so I’m in the EST timezone.

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Need to have your database located in your region! Tired of struggling with Bubble or API’s? Need a little functionality that’s not available yet thru current market plugins? Experience your own bootcamp!

Are you ready to step-it-up or speed it along? Need some custom code or a plugin built? Contact me today to learn how to book a 1-on-1 session, get your plugin built, or yet freelance building support!

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Send me a message today:
[email protected]

Hi, I am Mariya from bubble company
We have many experienced developers and web designers. I’m sure we can help you !

Feel free to book free consultancy with an expert: [Join Swiftle Platform. Get your dream team for product building]


I would like more information about the project.


I would really be happy to help you with your tasks, is your request still open??

This request is still open. To be more specific, I am looking for someone part time to set up the rarible plugin.

hi, @Builder125 how to reach out to you?

Hey Jared, does not lead to a result - is that on purpose?

Wrong email… I preemptively used my new domain name email :rofl:

[email protected]

Don’t judge my logo too harshly. It’s not a reflection of my bubble skills. :joy: :sob:


Happy to help on your Logo design, just ping me if interested (free of charge)! :wink:

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