Freelancer for Small Feature

Hey there

*I am looking for a bubble freelancer who can help me with this one function i have for my site

i have to collect votes on when a user presses a “vote” button, but am having a hard time getting it to work. if anyone knows how to get the amount of clicks a certain button gets, under certain constraints, then that would be great. this feature is needed in 3 different parts of my site i believe, but it is all i would need help with. looking to hopefully get done tomorrow, saturday sept. 19

please let me know your rates for a project like this if you believe you’re capable!

This is pretty easy to do, just follow the below steps, let me know if I miss any requirement:

  1. For whatever data type you’re using to capture votes on, add a data field called “votes (number)”. You can set the default to be 0.
  2. Whenever a user clicks the button, start a workflow to make changes to that particular data type … votes = this (data type)'s votes + 1.

Bonus: To make sure that a User only can vote once, I’d recommend adding a votesUsers (list of Users) data field to the same data type. On the same workflow, you’d also make changes to votesUsers = votesUsers add Current User. Lastly, you would set an ‘only when’ condition on the whole button workflow to perform the workflow when (data Type) votesUsers doesn’t contain Current User.

Hope that helps! If you’d like me to go ahead and implement this for you DM me.


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