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Freelancer needed to build virtual coworking app with me

Hi there,

I’m designing and developing a no-code experience that allows people to co-work together virtually over video.

To start, this will be a WebApp developed using Bubble and various plugins.

Users will have the ability to:

  • Create Accounts & Sign-in to the app
  • View Current and Upcoming coworking events via a logged-in dashboard
  • Add events to their calendar using ICS
  • Join live-video working sessions which are facilitated/controlled by Hosts
  • Chat with one another during the live events via toggled chat side-panel
  • Share goals during the events via toggled integrated task manager in side-panel
  • View collective progress towards event goals via integrated task manager in side-panel
  • Listen to music via integrated music player and have the ability to mute/unmute (the Host should have the ability to control the playlist via Spotify playlist link)
  • Rate the Event and Host after each event

While I’m working on designing the experience and building other aspects of the app, I could use someone who has integrated live-video from Twilio (or some other solution) and has experience customizing the front-end. I’ll be working hand-in-hand with you as we bring the experience to life. I would want to add you to Slack so we can keep communications open and share progress as we go.

The right person for the work will have:

  • Strong Bubble experience
  • Have a keen eye for pixel polished design implementation
  • Will be consultative. If you see something that I’m doing that’s incorrect and you know that there’s a better way, you’ll share the feedback
  • Good communication skills. If something is difficult or taking longer than expected, you will communicate with me
  • Uses a good, clean development process; uses styles, clean implements of plugins and APIs; understands the importance of scalable code that loads and functions quickly