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Freelancer to help build Zapier Integration (Zapier Platform)

I’m looking for a Bubble freelancer to help me finish a Zapier Integration with my app.

My app is a multi-tenant CRM (saas model). My end goal is to build a Zapier Integration and publish it to the Zapier App Ecosystem. This will enable each of my app users, to connect their Zapier account to my App, and create their own automation workflows with third-party apps.


  • New Activity
  • New Deal
  • New Organization
  • New Person
  • Updated Deal Stage
  • Updated Deal
  • Updated Deal Status
  • Updated Organization
  • Updated Person


  • Create Deal
  • Create Activity
  • Create Person
  • Create Organization
  • Create Note
  • Create Product
  • Updated Deal
  • Update Activity
  • Update Person
  • Update Organization
  • Search for a Deal
  • Search for an Activity
  • Search for a Person
  • Search for an Organization
  • Search for a User
  • Search for a Product


  • The dev must have built a published Zapier Integration before.


  • Open to proposals as the project might be done all at once or in 2 sprints.

Thanks in advance :raised_hands:

Hey Dénis! You can post your project to and receive proposals from our vetted Bubble developers (who also do mentoring on our site). Feel free to post your project and good luck with it!


DM you

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Hey John,

Thanks for the suggestion.
I will try and submit the project on NoCodeGuides :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin,
I’ve just replied to you. :wink:

Hey @zavitac!

You can find a great expert to help you with this project on Heep. I can suggest you check out these directories with pro Bubble devs and Zapier experts who might help with building the necessary integration for your app. Just message the expert you would love to hire directly or there is also an option to post your project & get matched with an expert for your requirements.

If you have any questions - feel free to drop me a message, will be happy to help you find a good fit for your project :slight_smile:

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Hey @yulia,

That’s very helpful. I will give it a try :wink:

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