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Freelancer Work Opportunity

Hello Bubble community!

I am looking for help to take our Alpha into a MVP for beta testing and scale testing.
I’ve developed as far as my skills will allow and need to focus on onboarding customers, strategy and business development.

About us - we are a small global team with experience working for some of the top IT vendors in the world and we are developing a SaaS product.

You will need to be able to:
Speak English fluently.
Work independently.
UX/UI - Develop the application to ensure end users can navigate the app as part of a tutorial.
Have an understanding of Stripe integration, GPT-3, News feeds to help us to complete our initial roadmap.
Sign an NDA.
Understand how to scale the platform to hundreds or thousands of users.

Roadmap: Understand API integration to platforms such as SFDC or Call center software.
Roadmap: Understand Lusha API
Optional: Additional payment in equity based on performance and commitment to the project.
Optional: Be prepared to engage longer term with our team.

Please include your hourly rate and example projects.
Respondents will be down selected and then interviewed based on their response followed by a one-week trial to ensure team culture fit prior to longer term agreements.



PM sent.
Please check

Just sent you a PM.