Freeze a button while a MultiFileUploader is loading


Really everything is in the title. I want to make a button non clickable while a multifileuploader is uploading please,

Thanks a lot


I hide my button while it’s processing.

Thanks for the feedback

How do you do that please? I mean identify when it is processing ?


I add an action to the workflow for the file uploader that states what to do with the file(s) being uploaded.

When a value is changed (file uploader) hide button. Then after last event I show the button.

Sorry. I’m away from my computer so I can’t post any screenshots and be more specific with the actual action/event names. Don’t have them all memorized yet.

i ve tried you way but the problem is the button is hidden once the files are uploaded and what i would like to avoid is that the user clicks on the button before the files are uploaded