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Frekis SDK integration with Bubble

We are planning to launch Frekis SDK in coming weeks. I am wondering how can write some plugin at bubble so others can build their own asset sharing or asset as subscription service on bubble using our SDK?

What is frekis ?
Frekis is a platform for digital locks(we are integrating all popular digital locks in platform) and offers sharing, renting , leasing and selling capabilities.

Frekis Cloud:
Anyone who wants to start their own bike(asset) rental or asset as subscription service. They register digital locks in frekis cloud and then integrate sdk in their own app.

If we integrate our SDK in bubble or zeroqode then It will reduce lot of development time .
I believe with bubble, startups can create their own rental or subscription service more faster and it will reduce significant development cost.
Any guidence in this matter would be really appriciated