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From Idea to Live Marketplace in 7 Days - A study case for Bubblers in starting online businesses

Hi there,

I am really glad to share with you how born (we really loved the idea of creating the first freelance marketplace for Bubble programmers) and how we launched in 7 days.

Everything started with an idea. We (me and @cm1) thought how would it be to create the first freelance marketplace dedicated exclusively to Bubble enthusiasts?

We both loved it and started putting time and hours into it. Here’s how it went.

Research Competition
In the first step, we have researched the competition. We have created a document and researched the main competitors in the niche. It is the so-called “SWOT” analysis that we used, it refers to “Strengths”, “Weaknesses”, “Opportunities” and “Threats”. Above is an analysis for Toptal company that we checked:

Create a mockup of the platform
The mockup’ purpose is to guide you through the structure of the website. Some main characteristics that will help you (or your designer colleague) to follow clearly through the important aspects of your application. In our case, we had two different headers of the homepage, depending if you are a logged in user or not. I encourage you to create one for every project you create.
Not logged in

Logged in

Document the product features
This step was the most difficult. We documented each single feature the product will have. Considering the previous competitor’s research, we developed the features that we thought that are most relevant for what we want to achieve. Here are the first two most common in the document:

Start developing the product
This was the step we have started working seriously on product development. With all the previous documented steps in mind, we just followed the plan (and adapted when necessary)
After many low sleep nights we…

Launch the product after 7 days
7 days later we had the first version of the product and we were able to receive great feedback. It was a great feeling. Our first product launch as a team felt amazing and there are more to come!

If you haven’t tried, now is your chance. What you see now is the result of a well-documented process of product development.

We would love to hear about your experience with, and of course, your methods of launching new products! Sign up today!.