From Integromat (make) add value to bubble data list of texts and do not erase

Hi, i am new user of bubble, i am trying to add new value from MAKE to a bubble list of texts but it overwrites each time the same value.

I have around 50 value to add from make each day. How to do please ?

Thanks for your help

It’s sound that you’re making a modify instead of create in the process. It’s hard to say without seeing. If I understand correctly, it works, but it simply replacing value instead of creating new one.

Thanks John, you’re right, it replace and i would like to create a new. Have you got an idea ?

I try to put separator, Make split automatically but bubble does not split value

The problem is not MAKE, it is in the reception (Bubble API) as I understand it.

Is anyone have a solution ? :unamused:

Start showing at Bubble level the reception of the API call, no?

i do not find, i put value with condition on each value and i have limited at 20 values

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