From Ip get latitude and longitude

…we get IP and…

…, but how to get a longitude and latitude?



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What is a loc attribute? Can you share the link to this plugin? It would be helpful if we look into the documentation of the api / data structure.

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Plugin: example12512525

Atribute is text, IP format

It is explained in the API document.
API Docs

Since you haven’t provided much detail in the original question, I suppose you are using the wrong API version. There are 3 versions. The third version only gives the lng and lat values. Please refer the docs.

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Thanks for the clarification @wafeeq. I have’t even knew there is a website and subscription for the plugin, as we are using it for free and it’s working. Now when we have an IP, is there a way to turn the IP into the address, or longitude and latitude? Thanks!

@another Try looking into this other service:

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Hi @vini_brito Juggling now, between using the ip fetcher of different kinds and rigid button for user to click and to get geographical address.

It is really the case how IP fetching services will never be that accurate? In my case here with IPinfo, it’s 100km.

Yeah, you can ask for location permission if you want to be more accurate than that

You can consider the API. It has accurate city and proxy detection.

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Thanks for sharing another option! For me is again around 100km but another city. Does the works well for you? By well, I mean accurate, if yes, how accurate? :smiley:

We did several benchmark with IP Geolocation in the past. The way service usually determine Location based on IP is from a list of IP block issued to each Internet Service Provider. Therefore IP Geolocation can only reliably determine the Country. Anything lower than that is usually very unreliable because ISP can liberally assign their IP block to any region and swap them around.
This article estimate the accuracy for Country Level to be around 99%, but up to city level it is only around 50-70%, which in my opinion is a really hit or miss.

If you need meter-level of accuracy, GPS locating is a must. Bubble already handle that for you if you integrate Google Map API to the application, then the (highly accurate) location will be available to you through Current User Location

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@another This is the accuracy they published in web site IP Geolocation Data Accuracy

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Now everything makes sense! Thank you and thank you all with sharing information. In my case, we will use the user IP to have general idea for goegraphical locations of the users, and then for more precise (like premium feature), user needs to share current geographical location (not ip only) to access the more precise information, with a concept of how much you give, you get.

Based on, how with the IP’s, there is no reasonable accuracy at this moment to pinpoint the user’s location exactly.

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