From Linkedin login to email/password signup


How to transition from the Linkedin Signup/Login concept to have a regular email/password Signup/Login setup?

Now using API Connector for users to SignUp and LogIn, if we add option for users to create their profile or login with email and custom password, what about users who have a member profile (through their Linkedin login), they need always to login through Linkedin or they can transition to their own custom password? Maybe same email that Linkedin uses?

How to go about it? Any experiences you can share?


3rd party authentication plugins FAQ tells us that:

  • Adding password to existing OAuth account: For users who initially signed up using an external service and want to add a password to their account, they can do so by initiating a ‘reset the user’s password’ action. This step adds email and password credentials to their account, which previously only used OAuth for authentication.
    Authentication plugins - Bubble Docs

Haven’t tested it by myself, btw.

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Thanks for the answer this helps a lot! Solves half of the potential problems.

Two questions:

  • What if some users don’t know their email used at Linkedin, and they try with new email (maybe new email they use, etc.), in this case the user will be seen as the new user? (How to tackle this potential case?)
  • If and when user enters the email to login/signup, and perhaps click the button, we need to trigger the “Search for” workflow action to search manually for the email, if existing, to redirect toward the “password restart”?

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hello @another , I will not answer your question but ask you another one : can you share with me your implementation of linkedin signup/login ? I am struggling to set it up… thanks !

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Hi @alexis.tuil10,

Thanks for the comment! I am now that techical as well, while in short:

  1. Download the API Connector plugin
  2. Set up the Linkedin developer profile
  3. Connect the two

I have done it while ago, following the instructions by someone, but can’t guide someone about it, however I can suggest the Search results for 'Linkedin API Connector' - Bubble Forum

There is another way as well, to use the Linkedin plugin, where the following person guides very smoothly through:

In this video you can see how you can connect the plugin (or API connector) with the Linkedin (developer profile).