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From Strikingly to Bubble : best responsive landing page template?

Hello Bubble community !

:baby: My first ever post on the forum.

I’ve been reading a lot of it but I’m really jumping now into designing my own Landing page / Customer dashboard platform (with Login). My general feeling is that it takes A LOT of work to smoothen my frontend before it becomes truly usable with bubble and responsive on all platforms. :hammer_and_wrench:

I’ve tried :

  • start a simple design from scratch
  • use some free templates that claim to be reponsive
  • import designs from Figma
    but every time I hit the wall of the Responsiveness tool which is hard to predict and master despite the great tools to tweak min-width and hide/show stuff according to width.

My website is currently made with the Strikingly CMS:
all the premade sections are remarkably well responsive

I need to migrate to expand the features :

  • multi page content
  • login / signup dashboard section for my customers with their backend data displayed and manageable

:question: Questions :

  • What would be the most responsive / affordable / rock solid / efficient template to start with?
  • Is webflow x Airtable a good alternative to bubble?

Thanks a lot for your help ! :pray:


What backend functions do you want to build?

Hi @cmarchan :slightly_smiling_face:

My customers will collect created animations, and I need some kind of a dashboard to manage uploads and processed animations. It’s pretty much a very simple Database with 2 tables to start with :
Users (id, name, email, pwd…)
Image (id, user_id, url…)

Thanks. This makes it much more clear.

If Bubble, this is an excellent framework (an elaborate route, but you will be glad should you choose this direction … once you get the hang of it, it may position you very well for future expansion of ample functionality in your app):

For a straightforward alternative, using Airtable, but avoiding intricate front end development work you could explore:

Best of luck with your project! :+1:t2:

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