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Frontend vs. Builder Inconsistencies - Elements getting pushed to the next line

This was driving me nuts, and I couldn’t easily find the right “keywords” to use in search on the Forum to find an answer. So if you’re dealing with elements getting pushed to the next line in your app, or elements wrapping to the next line, or things getting pushed down (trying to include some more search terms to make it easy to find this post, lol), check this:

  1. Open the “Responsiveness” tab in the Bubble design editor
  2. Click on the element that’s getting pushed to the next line on the frontend
  3. Adjust the “Fixed Margin” setting

For me, I had elements that were lined up in the Design tab but weren’t lined up when I viewed the app on the frontend, and changing the “Fixed Margin” setting to a left fixed margin fixed the issue for me. Your app might require a different setting, but at least check on this to maybe save some headaches.

Here’s the Bubble reference for Fixed Margin: Responsive Properties - Bubble Docs

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and easy to find!