Frustrating Docs Nav Issue!

I’m using Chrome, and when I visit this page (or almost any other) of the Bubble Reference, I can’t scroll - either up or down! It’s like I’m fighting with some Javascript that keeps scrolling back to that specific location.

Anyone else experience this?

It works for me on Windows10/Chrome72

I’ve had that happen to me before. If you just highlight some text right after the page loads, before trying to scroll, that seems to always fix it for me.

Thanks for checking!

Ok, this is really bizarre-o, since if I go to the main reference page, there is no issue - not even after clicking a section on the left or performing a search.

However, if there’s no reference window open and I click one of the “reference” tips that pops up in the design editor, the issue occurs! But, keep that reference window open, manually go to the base reference URL, and then subsequent clicks on “reference” popups are fine. :neutral_face:

So I guess the workaround for now is to manually go to the main reference page after the reference window open automatically.

Go figure…

I have the same issue and it really gets in the way of productivity. I don’t understand what is going on, but it makes the “reference” links almost useless since I can’t scroll at all once I click them. I am using Chrome 73 on Windows 10.

I feel your pain. :grimacing: This is still an issue for me, but I have learned how to cope with it. Once the reference window opens after clicking a “reference” tip in the design editor, proceed as follows…

In the reference window, delete the “page fragment” in the URL - i.e. everything from the hash “#” symbol to the end of the URL - and then press Return to reload the page.

After that, subsequent clicks on “reference” tips in the design editor no longer cause the wonky behavior. NOTE that this works only if the reference page was opened from a “tip” and is good only for the current “session”.

Anyway, this works for me, but YMMV. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, @sudsy - that’s a great tip! You have a keen eye for troubleshooting … I had noticed the behavior was inconsistent, but I could not figure out why. Turns out I have been doing what you suggest to be able to scroll (remove the portion after the #, then search the page to find the item I want to view, and finally after that I could scroll as needed). However, I didn’t notice that it then fixed the issue for the rest of the current session – thanks so much for the tip!

@neerja Is Bubble aware of this issue? It’s pretty frustrating, and I would think would be a real turn off to new users who would constantly be fighting the reference system. Is this something I should put a bug report on?

@s7345565 No other reports so thanks for the heads up. A bug report will be helpful and we can try to reproduce with Win10/Chrome73