Full calendar details showing in same page

Hi there. I’m using full calendar, and when the user clicks on a date, they are able to input information below. Then once they click save, the data is stored under a data type “calendar event” (fields captured are date, type and name), the information is also stored under a User data type field “calendar event details”, and the page refreshes.

Now, when they click on the event (which is now showing in their calendar), I want the information associated with this event (the date, type and name) to then be shown below the calendar on the same page.

Can someone please help?

Not sure if anyone has seen this but would love any help I could get :slight_smile:

I will try to help you

I think there is no need to store same data in 2 places, because you can retrieve calendar events by “created by: current user” and display it in any place you want.
pm’d you

Hey @sat_miha - replied to your DM. Could you please help? Or can anyone else assist with this?

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