Full Calendar - Events not Displaying


The basic problem is that certain events which I create and which exist in the database are not displaying at all in Full Calendar.

More info:

I’ve set up Full Calendar so that when creating an event, there’s an option to make it recurring (daily, weekly, etc). This is done by triggering custom events.

I’m finding that as the events generate, they get displayed on the calendar. But after less than a second of appearing, random events will disappear from the calendar. This happens sometimes, and other times not. Also this only happens when I create a series of events. It doesn’t happen when I create just one. I can’t find any reason for it, any pattern. Just certain events will generate then disappear even though the rest of the series of recurring events are there.

The events which disappear from view DO exist in the database. I’ve compared the events to others in the database which appear properly in the calendar, and they are identical (except for the dates). There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be appearing as far as I can tell.

I would think that it could be something to do with my custom events or something, but when I go in and redo the exact same action (create the same event and make it reoccur the same amount of times), it populates correctly, and no dates disappear. So there doesn’t seem to be any logic to why this is happening.

Can anyone think why this would happen?


I got almost the same problem as you with Bubble calendar this week.
I can register an event (with a pickup time/date input) in my database but it doesn’t appear on my calendar.
When I choose only input “date” in pickup date/time instead of “date&time”, the event appears in the calendar. I doesn’t understand yet why.
Is there a bug on bubble calendar plugin?

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