Full calendar refresh

I´m using a full calendar element with SQL connection data. In this case the bubble data actions ‘Create a new thing’ and ´make changes to thing´will not change the calendar datasource .

I need to update the calendar after a SQL insert/edit event action, but it doesn´t refresh it´s datasource unless you make a page refresh.

Does someone know how to overcome it?

Thanks in advance for any sugestion.

Hi, does anybody has a solution for this topic? this is one quite recurrent problem for external calendars connection (google calendar, SQL, etc)

Have you tried using the reset data function inside your workflow?

Unfortunately reset data only works for groups/popups

Full calendar is not available in reset data :slight_smile:

Hi @ambacellar and @jdiazarmas ,

You can create a hidden RG with the list of events and then set the source of the Calendar object to this hidden RG’list of events.

Then, after every action, you ‘display data’ in this repeating group with the updated list. If it is an API, make sure you set a field with ‘Current Date&time:formatted as ISO’ (this will force the data from the API to be updated).