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Full calendar + scheduler

Hi guys, I´m speaking to a developer to develop a full implementation of the fullcalendar plugin. Anyone interested in sponsoring this please chime in the conversation and say which features are most interesting and important to you apart from the basic events that are already there so they can study the possibilities.

For me it´d be:

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How many people do you need to sponsored the full calendar and scheduler? I’m in for 50$. Full calendar is a Bubble plugin, how much they ask for a full update?

From what I understand it would be a new plugin not a continuation of the current plugin.

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@JohnMark I think if were about 10 people it should be doable.

This plugin might already do much of what you are looking for: 🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

@ben7, airdate picker is great but its not visual, you gotta give the user what he expects I feel. Sure theres always another way to do it, but I want to try and find the most visual and simple way of doing things and a table gives more info than a dropdown.

Hey @JohnMark and @chris7 ,
I just completed the FullCaledar + Scheduler plugin. If you’re still interested let me know. It has all the features your listed plus several more.


Can’t wait to try!

@seanhoots I am interested too! How coukd I get it?

Hey seanhoots,

Where do I find your plugin? I can only find fullcalendar, not the one with scheduler.

It’s not public yet.
Still figuring out pricing model to take care of the scheduler license. Want to see what the bubble plugin store model will be like.

@seanhoots I am interested too! How could we get it?

Any update on this plugin @seanhoots? Would love to test it out if you have figured out the pricing :slight_smile:

You can find it here

Hi All,

Is this available now? Not sure the plugin is at the actual link above?

No, the link points to the actual javascript library/documentation that @seanhoots is working on. @carlo.mallone

When it will be live and what about pricing ?!

Is there any further news on this project? I would be interested in purchasing it.

Hey guys I know this has taking long but here is a quick update.

The Fullcalendar + Scheduler plugin will finally be released in a week’s time.
I needed to make sure I will have time to support it before releasing it.

In terms of pricing I’m still deciding whether to offer a Lite version (no scheduler) at a lower price and a Pro Version (with scheduler) at a higher price.
Will be hard on me to be synching both though.

Whatever be the case it’s not going to be cheap unfortunately as I have to buy an OEM license which will enable you to use it without going to buy your own license from Fullcalendar ( $90 or $480 depending on whether your app is SaaS or not).

You can PM me features that you will want to see that will make you buy it.
At this time I’m on major-features freeze but if it’s minor I may be able to push it in.



Any updates? I know I’m not the only one who’s eagerly awaiting this