Full Calendar text cuts off

When I add an event to Full Calendar it displays in one line like;

Mrs Pam Smith, 0123456… (then it get’s cut off)

Any ideas how to make it display like:
Mrs Pam Smith
Something here

The issue that if the event description is on a single line it is hard to read


Not sure that what I’m saying is applicable here because I have never used this calendar plug-in but if the options under display include the “:split by” expression you can have the commas replaced by line breaks.


That’s a good suggestion @cynthia.conrad1 but it still forces everything onto a single line.

Screenshot 2022-12-06 234108

I wonder then if this is not more of a css issue (the plug in is forcing everything on one line because that’s the design frame they stuck to)

Sorry I couldn’t help out

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