Full calendar time slot

Hey, is there any way to change the calendar’s time slot duration in day view. In bubble it is a static value and is 30 minutes. (00:30:00). I want it to change to 15 minutes. Once it is 30 minutes, the slots for customers appointments are very small.

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Hello @juancosta900 did you find a solution for changing the slot duration?

Have you checked its properties? I think there is a interval property which one does exactly it.

On the Official Full Calendar from Bubble? https://bubble.io/reference#Plugins.fullcalendar.Calendar
I do not see it

What about ’ Step’?

This number represents how much one increment should modify the slider’s value

I do not see any “Step” in the appearance section. Can you provide more information please?

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Hi Marc, have you find solutions for this interval duration? I am working on calendar myself and having the same issue? Tnx!

This will be possible in an update to my fullcalendar plugin later today!!

Slot duration set as hh:mm

here are the referencing docs @zina.hadziefendic, as promised!