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Full calendar Week View default start time

I have a Full calendar implemented in my app which is mainly used on an Ipad. I use a week view with the Full Calendar but it gives an overview starting from 6 am. Because of this the user always has to scroll to view its evening events. Is it possible to edit the settings of the calendar regarding starting hour?
Current state:

Ideal state:

Thanks !


bumpin this! I have the same question!

Hi ! Anyone found the solution please ? Thanks !

HI EtienneJA, have you figured out about this starting time? Tnx!

Unfortunately no :frowning:

I can make this available in my plugin! Give me a day and ping me!

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This features are now live in the plugin

@EtienneJA @denali.tietjen @zina.hadziefendic @klaas.vanhoeck1