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Full calendar Week View default start time

I have a Full calendar implemented in my app which is mainly used on an Ipad. I use a week view with the Full Calendar but it gives an overview starting from 6 am. Because of this the user always has to scroll to view its evening events. Is it possible to edit the settings of the calendar regarding starting hour?
Current state:

Ideal state:

Thanks !


bumpin this! I have the same question!

Hi ! Anyone found the solution please ? Thanks !

HI EtienneJA, have you figured out about this starting time? Tnx!

Unfortunately no :frowning:

This features are now live in the plugin

@EtienneJA @denali.tietjen @zhadz @klaas.vanhoeck1


Currently in Bubble Calendar there isn’t any option to set “starting time”. Maybe we together as a team can request them to add such feature in Bubble Calendar.
For now, If you explore some other plugins of Bubble. Potentially Air calendar plugin can have this feature. Its easy to control look and feel of it.

This feature (and sooooo many more) are available with my calendar plugin!

Check it out :+1:

The best solution I found is

Give enough height to this element so you don’t get the Vertical bar scroll on the right.
(I’ve given a height of 1135px)
Then when you load the page give it a workflow “scroll to element” and give it a 300px offset.