Full-Screen image on Page

Hi All,

Huge bubble fan, trying to make a full screen landing page (where the screen is completely filled top to bottom, no matter the browser window height, until a scroll action happens.)

I’ve seen this on bubble sites:


However I seem to only be able to fix the height of a group (while the width can depend on the window width. Is there a way to get around this?

Did you ever figure this out?


Hey there :smiley:

Sure, no problem!

Set your page to NOT fixed width.
Insert a picture as wide as your page.
Set your picture as NOT fixed width.

And… booyeah, yer done.

If you want to get more fancy with keeping a section of a picture (like a face) in a certain place, that gets a little more complex… But totally doable.

If you’d like yer picture to NOT scroll around, then slap it up in a ‘floating group’ and it will resist scrolling…

Bubble on my friends, bubble on.


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