Full stack website build - video demo in description

Looking for someone to build a full website in Bubble.io.

Click here for a recording of a Figma mock-up I put together: https://youtu.be/02oPavdRHoI

Features - as shown in video:

LANDING PAGE - Nothing fancy here except an imbedded video

CONTACT SALES PAGE - simple way for visitors to submit their information for us to see

(A) Email and Password login. New users will be added manually. No sign up process on the website
(B) Site must maintain a database that associates each user a company

DATABASE VIEW: this is the main feature. We have a database of carbon data with a large number of columns. This view must display a default view of that database, but allow users to:
(A) select and deselect columns that they want to see
(B) filter by certain metrics
(C) search by company name and company number
(D) export the displayed view as a CSV file

Robustness is my priority; our customer base will not tolerate buggy platforms. Therefore, look, feel, and certain pieces of functionality are not my top priorities. I’m happy to discuss where we can adjust to make things simpler, cheaper, or more robust.

Thanks for you consideration!!


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Hi Peter,
I took a look at the video you shared.
I’ve been working on a lot of Dashboard applications recently and this definitely looks like something I can help you with.

I’ll drop you a DM

HIRED - I have hired someone for this job. Thank you all!