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Full time Bubble developer

Hi there,

Our startup is hiring a remote full-time Bubble Developer who has extensive experience in Bubble. You will work directly with the founding team to build out our Bubble Application. We have a small team of developers that work on our app, and we’re looking to expand our efforts.

We’re looking for U.S. based remote developer who can be available during standard business hours. 9-5.

We’re looking for someone with knowledge of most of Bubbles features & a solid understanding of APIs, and how to set them up. Knowing Javascript/HTML/CSS is a plus.

Candidate should have knowledge of the following Bubble Features;

  • API connector
  • Reusable Elements
  • Custom Workflows
  • Backend Workflows
  • Debugger


-2+ years of web development (ex. Implementing APIs)
-Ability to relay technical solutions to the existing team clearly and concisely


-Experience with building plugins in Bubble


  • Build performant functions and features that are thoroughly tested and maintained.
  • Work with teams to assist in coming up with reasonable solutions that fit project timelines.
  • Review bug reports and implement fixes.
  • Consistently identify site bugs, and suggest UX/UI improvements.
  • Work with Design to build out UI’s.
  • Identify performance improvements
  • Document functionality in an easy-to-understand language.
  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Work 1 on 1 with team members to clarify and understand task requirements

Pay is $40-$60/hour depending on experience.

Please private message me a brief letter describing your Bubble Experience, and we’ll go from there!

whats your startup?