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Fullcalendar plugin / Day View and choosen day

Hello guys, on the FullCalendar plugin, do you know how to set it up so that when I click on a day (workflow = Day is Clicked) it shows the day I clicked on view Day (and not a global Day/Week/Month)? On my own, I created a pop-up that uses the same calendar but in view Day only. The action brings me to the day view but “today” and not “the day of the month” I clicked on before … :thinking:

Any ideas ?


I am not familiar with the plugin you are referring to, but if it helps, may be useful to refer to a custom state in the workflow that holds the date of the day that is clicked.

Clicking on the date doesn’t take you into day view?

My calendar plugin can help with that!

Yes, the view day is opening when i click on a day. But not the “number” of day I clicked on. It always takes me to the current day.

Example : if I click on September the 15th, it takes me to the September 18th’s day view

I’m honestly not familiar with bubbles FullCalendar plugin. What you are describing should work. Have you contacted bubble about this odd behavior?

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