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Hey all,

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon in my real job and was blown away. I didn’t bring it up back then, as it started at 200 bucks a month. They recently (maybe even today) launched a free tier, so I wanted to share. I’m going to try to get it running in one of my apps and see if I can make it work. I suggest y’all try it out, it’s good to understand how users actually use your thing. Huzzah!


Is it comparable to mixpanel? It looks like it does the same thing but without you having to setup funnels and flows to track?

The big advantage I see in Fullstory was that it actually visually recorded the user sessions, so you could login to and literally watch the user sessions to see what they did, how they moved the mouse, etc. I’m not familiar enough with Mixpanel to accurately answer, though.

Cool! I saw that about replaying user sessions - it looks awesome. Thanks for sharing @potentialthings I signed up for the free trial.

I can confirm it works, and works super easily. Just drop the snippet on the HTML Header section of a page in your app, and bingo bango. Really neat stuff.


You’re a mind reader I was going to ask how to paste the script in :slight_smile:

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This looks so cool! Thanks for sharing it :slight_smile:

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Anyone who uses MixPanel care to chime in? It likes both FullStory and Mixpanel integrate with each other, but it would be nice to know the differentiating factors between the two services.

FullStory looks awesome, btw!

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Hi everyone,

I work at FullStory and could speak a little more about this as I used Mixpanel extensively at my last company. First, I’ll post the response(s) from our Product Hunt listing today, and then add my own thoughts:

FullStory actually has a powerful Mixpanel integration if you wish to use both tools in tandem (and because the tools don’t really compete with each other). Mixpanel requires a lot of instrumentation in order to start collecting data but once it’s up and running, the focus is on deep, highly customized analytics (funnel building, a/b tests, etc).

FullStory captures all the events your customers are doing on your website or in your product so that you can search for any event (no instrumentation required), get some big picture analytics on that event (like how many people have done it, who they are, what the trend is like over time etc). Then, you can dive in and watch those customer’s sessions, to see what their experience was like - where they struggled or hesitated etc.


FWIW, we see Mixpanel as an entirely different category of analytics tool. In fact, we have a number of customers that use both FullStory and Mixpanel…so much so, that we built an integration between the two platforms!

Hope you’ll take fullstory for a spin and let us know what you think.

My own insights don’t differ much from the answers above, but I’ll just further emphasize that MixPanel is great for an aggregate view of your customer data, while FullStory provides a lot more color about that overall experience.

The ability to detect an unusual (or possibly unwanted) trend at a macro level in Mixpanel and then use FullStory to see and filter on a specific action during that user’s session is incredibly powerful, especially when trouble-shooting UX issues or working in customer support.

In short, the two tools complement each other quite well. Hope that helps!


Thanks for piping in! I’ve been blown away by the product and look forward to getting on a paid plan when my product supports it.

Fantastic! We’re happy you’re enjoying.

Awesome answer - definitely going to use it in my bubble app :slight_smile: thanks @jordan1

I can confirm it took me less than 5 minutes from clicking into this thread to start seeing user sessions in FullStory. WOW!

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Yeah, it just freaking works. I wish more products behaved like it.

Great tool and extremely easy to set up. Thank you for showing this!

Was looking further at the setup here and it has a way to identify users called fs.identify

I was thinking of sticking that script into an html element and pass in the userid from bubble - does that seem to be the correct way to set it up?

Thanks! John

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I did not have any luck adding custom user information via JavaScript, and couldn’t figure out how to troubleshoot the reason why.

I just learnt about this week and it seems to be similar to FullStory, any comparison analysis?

Cool - I got it to work just copy the fs.identify into the bottom of the script you paste and paste it into the bubble page html header with their other script. I put in the dynamic info of userid, user name and email and it all works. Which is really cool then I can see each user in the system by name, email and what they go do - really neat!

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Could you explain in a little more detail?

Do I need to modify the existing header script in any way? I added this HTML block to the app page:

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