Fully releasing GET requests and keys with periods for API workflows

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to release two features from the experimental features panel regarding API workflows for all apps! This change adds GET request functionality for API workflows and enables periods in API workflow keys. For more information on these features please check out their respective forum posts:

After this release you will need to re-enter any keys containing a “^{xx}” sequence, where the x’s may represent any character. These features are also being released from our experimental features panel, so you may already have these features enabled, in which case this change should make no difference to your app.

We hope this proves helpful in your Bubble journey, please let us know if you have any questions!



Thansk @leon.maksin

@leon.maksin So is this a breaking change version since some people will have their app broken? I don’t see it in the versions yet?

@J805 good question, this change has already been released to all apps as a regular feature and will not be released as a breaking change version. This is because the sequence that breaks peoples’ apps is incredibly rare and very easily fixable, as mentioned above (the sequence shouldn’t exist in any apps today and can be entered freely after this release which means that this change won’t break any apps).