Function Go To Page and field Data To send: why the latter is mandatory when destination page contains a repeating group?

Newbie’s question, please: I’d like to have 3 buttons on a page A. When the user press one of them I’d like to call the same page B which contains a repeating group of things “Sightings” but each time I’d like to filter the results by a static filter coming from each button (button 1 brings filter 1, button 2 brings filter 2 and so on).
Currently from the workflow associated with each button I launch the Go to Page function, select as destination the page which contains the repeating group, then I’m passing a parameter containing the static filter.
Then on the destination page I’m filtering the results by other input fileds combined with the static filter got by the URL.
Everything is working, I’m achieving my objective but I can’t understand why the System gives me 3 red issues because I did not entered any value into the field named “Data to send”. I don’t need to send any data of the same thing type existing on the destination page (things type over there is “Sightings”), I only need to pass simple parameters by URL.
Why Data to send is mandatory when destination page is a repeating group ?
Which are the downsides of my solution if I achieved my objective and did not noticed any issues from the user’s experience point of view?
How to do better ?
Thanks guys for your time and unvaluable support :slight_smile:

PS: here below the screenshot of the focal point on the Page A (where I put the 3 buttons\images from which I will call the destination Page B which contains the repeating group)


and here what I’m doing with the received parameter got by url:


This error is happening because you have the destination page set to be a “type of thing,” so it’s requiring you to send the data.

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Oh thanks for the quick response ! really appreciated :slight_smile:
I can’t avoid to set that type of thing on the destination page because on that page I have 1 more search bar for letting the user to choose a more granular filter, as shown below:


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