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Functionality help

Hello Bubblers! I’m new to using Bubble and before I dive in, I was hoping someone could help me determine if Bubble is appropriate for a few features I want to build.

We are building a mobile app that will likely first take the form of a web app with icon saved to a phone’s homepage.

The mobile app will need to allow each individual user to check-in or track their attendance at each activity they attend (they all attend different activities), they will need to receive push notifications asking them if they’ve attended a session for the given date/time of their specific activity. In addition, we will need to be able to send each user a short quiz after they have tracked their attendance or checked in for each session.

I’m wondering if this sort of personalized functionality is possible with Bubble?

Welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:

Yes, that all sounds like it would be perfectly feasible in Bubble. Push Notifications (beyond SMS etc) on mobile might need some thinking about, but it has been done.

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