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Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

Cool, yeah, count me in.

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Fundraising Day 5. :+1:

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I already used Josenelle to wrapp one app (Android). I have to say… I’m impressed with the results. Would I pay $50 for it? Hell yeah I would, actually it’s cheaper than almost any other alternative out there, also it would be suppported on bubble and you can iterate as many time as you want!


Yep I will. I’m in!

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Hey I’m super down! This is the only reason I haven’t used bubble and if you guys bring this In I’ll jump back on-board ASAP! Email me at [email protected] to keep me updated

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Hello @directedby44

Why are you super down? You can already build your app with Jasonelle in minutes once Xcode has been installed (ver 10.2). Do you know the following post?

10 min. Native App iOS & Android :large_blue_diamond:

Hi guys,
count me in as well.

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Cool to see so many interested! We’re not far away to being enough people :slight_smile:


GREAT! Few questions:

  1. How fast can you make this?
  2. Who will maintain any updates and bug(fix)?
  3. Why don’t you guys just make the plugin? It will be a huge success.

I’m in if you can make this (fast and bug free). It would be the best thing ever (next to the BigMac).

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Hello @arash.assadian

  1. How fast: it will depend on the availability of the plugin developer
  2. One of the necessary conditions is to be already a plugin creator
  3. I will bring my experience but I am not a plugin developer :wink:

First step, lifted interest and funds. :partying_face: Day 6 (21 people)

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Count me in for $50. For long-term viability, I think Bubble should do this. I can’t imagine they won’t pick up on it at some point, but either way, I’d pay $50 annually for Bubble apps to behave like native phone apps.

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I’m struggling to understand how this can be a bubble plugin?

Some computer somewhere has to run android studio and the iOS equivalent. That would generate the builds. And something has to push to app store. Sign builds etc.

Struggling to see how a bubble plugin can do that.

Do you have a pathway in mind?

Or does this become another hosted service?


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  1. Wrap Bubble with Jasonelle.
  2. Connect to a third party API to generate the build.
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Count me in. We can ask the bubble team to build it as well - they have previously built functionality/released plugins based on such fundraising efforts by the community.


Mark - count me in.

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Hello @ZubairLK

First of all, it is to be able to test our app in seconds in Apple and Google stores.

Be able to use the new plugin to easily use all the features of Jasonelle for free or almost free.

An easy guide and step-by-step tips how to build it on Xcode (iOS) and Studio (Android) without having to spend many hours.

I have already proposed the project to some developers of known plugins.
Pending response.


Hi @JohnMark, this is a great idea and would definitely pitch in. So yes, Count me in!

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Count me in. Is there a target date for this to start?

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Hey @alexander2 & @JohnMark , I am in, just let us know how to follow from here!

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Will the plugin be offered for free after the fundraising? Just asking, I guess that’s why we are doing the fundraising in the first place.

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