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Fundraising to create a plugin for iOS and Android with Jasonelle

I would be interested in contributing to this if I understood what it is the plugin will actually do?
And maybe if there were a defined timeline for release.

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Hi @casheets123

The plugin will have all Jasonelle functions and compiled into Bubble. No need for Bubble if you want a standalone app! But you can use Bubble as a database or in responsive mode (web view). This is a unique project. As 40 people showed interest but 22 gave, we did not reach the target. I will suggest @vini_brito to set the price at $100 for its new plugin so that donors only pay $50 if we don’t reach the original goal. A beta will be available in a few weeks. You have to be registered with vini to be informed.

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Hi ! I want to contribute ! :smiley:


These are the instructions to contribute:


I haven’t been able to find any information on what the Jasonelle functions are?

Reading through your Jasonelle tutorial. It sounds like Jasonelle is another wrapper? Like natedogg’s thing and the BDK thingy. So what’s the real difference between them?
And if I don’t use webview, I would have to build the app with json and forego Bubble right?
And this plugin/not plugin allows me to build the app outside of bubble?

Using the webview component of Jasonelle means you’re loading the Bubble app thru a web browser, so unless you rebuild the UI using JSON, it’s still all Bubble.

Will there be a build created somewhere costing hundreds of dollars, as with other wrappers?
(is anyone really using @ZeroqodeSupport wrapper service? $4,500 just to get touchID :joy: )
Or is this plugin providing the building blocks as workflows, the “jasonelle functions” in bubble to give me touchID, in app purchase, changing ios status bar, etc. And I then have to compile this myself with xcode or something?

Does this provide offline access somehow? I’m guessing not :slight_smile: I’ve heard rumblings that Apple is making this a requirement.

Anywho, sounds super interesting. But I guess I just don’t fully understand it :worried:


Go to my app, create and account, go to the “Open plugins” section, in the “Native app conjurer” plugin click the button “See history”, there you’ll have two big texts explaining a lot of stuff.


Thanks vini_brito

That read more like magic the gathering instructions than a breakdown of what this plugin is supposed to do haha.

But from what I could understand of all that,

  1. You will be able to do both webview (wrapper) and full json app. But there’s no explanation of how that exactly works, right?

  2. You will be able to do offline/online apps. No explanation for how this will work, but assuming that even webview apps will be able to store data offline?

  3. The plugin will only be serviced for 1 year, after that, if something breaks or new jasonelle functions/app store requirements comes along. This plugin will potentially be obsolete. Minor bugs may or may not be fixed within half a year of reporting.

  4. Essentially, what this plug in does is adding workflows to bubble that adds the jasonelle
    code for a specific function e.g. Open camera. to your bubble app, is that correct?

So, with that, I’m still non the wiser to what those functions are and more importantly, how the app package to be published to the app store will be created?

My current understanding is that this will give us workflows for some undisclosed native functions. Just like BDK Native who has a long list of functions available. BDK Native then charge you $200 (I believe) to compile the app. But with this plugin, there is no compiling taking place, you basically are given the workflows, and then will have to figure out how to compile yourself from, I’m assuming, a set of instructions provided somewhere. Is that close?

It’s a very interesting project, and I think I (and perhaps others on the fence) would be more inclined to jump onboard if there were a few simple bullet points on which functions will be available and how the app to be uploaded to the store will be created.

This is really cool so a bit more info would be amazing :slight_smile:

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I suggest that you wait until we have a stable release up, then you’ll be able to test it yourself and see what it is :wink:


That’s fair. Thanks @vini_brito

If you have enough funding for a first build. I’m happy to chill and jump on a second round of funding if needed for more features perhaps.


Some personal echo from Vini. :partying_face:

" I haven’t been able to dedicate myself to it as I wanted to, … and then I’ll be able to push the new update. "

It’s coming guys. Please support the plugins.



Hi ! :wave:t2:

I can’t find the button to create the account.

It’s this one (:
At the bottom of the screen.


Thanks !
Can you help me with the paypal link please?


Yeah! Soon enough I’ll get this looked into (:

I tried again from my phone and worked :ok_hand:t2:


Hi @vini_brito,
Can I still contribute to this great initiative?

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Yeah, it’s still up! I’ve scheduled to release a contributor’s only release in September 18, so give or take a couple days you’ll get it fresh :grin:

Instructions here:

1 - Go to
2 - Click the orange “Get started” button.
3 - Sign in.
4 - Open the menu and click the “Open plugins” to see the open plugins section.
5 - In the plugin currently named “Native app conjurer” click the yellow button “Offer to sponsor this plugin available!”.
6 - If you’re interested, click the yellow button “Yes, this is what I want, email me an invoice”.
7 - Go to your email and see the Paypal invoice that was immediately, automatically sent to you, check spam folder if the Paypal email landed there and if it’s a gmail, check other inbox tabs (promotions, updates etc).
8 - Click the link and pay the invoice in the Paypal page.
9 - Tap yourself in the back :wave: for me since we’re far away and you deserve it for participating in a group effort.
10 - Sit back, relax and wait for updates on the plugin :wink: they will be proactively emailed to you


@vini_brito, so we are getting a test version by sep/18th?! That’s awesome!

How is fundraising?

Thank you!

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Yep! That’s it! :grin:

And fundraising continues, but people haven’t contributed for some time already, I expect that with this release we’ll be able to campaign and get more so we reach the goal and have a well polished product (:


You can count me in.