FunTimes CAD/MDT

FunTimes CAD/MDT is a new CAD/MDT business. We make custom CAD/MDTs with our own design and our own ideas. We also have a Website that we make that can work with the CAD/MTD as well. If you are interested in looking at our CAD/MDT or our Website join our discord.


“Custom CAD/MDTs with are own design”
Its just Onyx everyone…

I didn’t expect any better.

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Not anymore. (We discontinued it, but still in the process of removing it from our website)

Nicholas do you still work for codurly or did he fire you?

Bought the CAD a year ago and i stopped using it but i went to go log in and someone removed my Account and changed the name, I never gave it to anyone, Plus your Discord link is invalid. If you could pls ass me on discord Rebel4_the_win#1916. I want my CAD back