FunTimes Netowrks SALE [CAD/MDT $6-15, Website $2-7 plus Free CAD/MDT]

Hello I am NiceGuy the Founder of FunTimes Networks and I am here to announce are big Christmas sale that came from your dreams. Good CAD/MDT for cheap prices. We also have a free CAD/MDT if you dont want to buy anything. We are now starting to help people trouble shoot problems that they are having with their FiveM server. We FunTimes Networks give are helping hand to the people that need help!


They do not have a free CAD/MDT. This a false advertising scam.

Yes we do read are discord their is a channel called free under the category CAD/MDT

I had two so far that got the free CAD/MDT.

FunTimes Networks does in-fact have a free CAD/MDT. It is of course a base model, never the less, it is free!

i have the free CAD so its not a scam and if you think it is then prove it

Anyone reading this. Just to let you know they are no SCAMMING you. there proabally have the best service you could imagine.

@marcusandrews If you are going to say that a branch or TMM TECH is scamming people please confront me first before you look foolish about posting incorrect information. Thank you.