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Fusion Company | CAD/MDTs | Other Products

Hi! Do you run or have a Roleplay Community? You can come join Fusion as we’re working on bringing out some remastered, refined, remade, and new CAD/MDTs! We also offer other things too. I hope this was of interest to you!
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Fusion’s Advertisement
Fusion’s story it was named Fusion Inc but I (BestLEO) have since changed it. Fusion was originally founded by Adam S in 2020. Eventually Adam decided to leave and delete his discord account. Adam then passed it down to Riley which Riley then gave it to me. It then got nuked a while later and has been closed since. I wanted to bring it back in full form and attempt to make it what it once was all over again. We mainly offer CAD/MDT Systems so come on and experience Fusion with the rest of us!

We’re looking for staff!