Future Feature - regarding push notifications

After doing some more research it seems that the generated app (iOS in this test case), fetches the App JS from server on first run. Possibly caching it, I would assume.

@emmanuel How does it cache/update that JS so the app can be used when internet goes offline?

What I wrote previously on re-signing the code will not work if you add new cordova plugins that need to be compiled in the native code, I was a little tired when writing so just ignore that part. Instead you have to make a custom cordova build that mimics the current one from Bubble.

With the risk of failing hard I will try to put together a basic cordova build with push notification support where you can just change the namespace to your app`s namespace (domain).

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Has anyone (with Twilio Notify access) attempted to experiment with integration? It looks like a VERY promising solution. I am going to work on integration if anyone is interested in collaborating.

That`s nice. (Depending on the price)
But I am trying to see the case. Could you explain a specific case where this would be really beneficial to you?
Trying to understand if you really need the notify service.

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Mainly, integrating push notifications to update users of a change in status to their reservations (canceled, updated with additional info, etc…similar in style to UPS My Choice text messaging) is a necessity. If the user isn’t engaging via the native, then my application will switch over to an sms notification.

I suppose I could do without the SMS notifications, but the push notification is essential across android and iOS.

I just got accepted for the Twilio notify program today, but they dont have any Cordova implementations yet, so unless you are planning to do native apps it won`t bear any worthy fruits. You could instead program that logic in bubble if notification not seen / opened within a timeframe, and then send sms instead.

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This problem was also on my iPhone, Then I found an in Google I a thread that had Solution, How to Access Notifications Center

The best choice for me is the ZetPush https://zetpush.com/.