Future feature to bypass Bubble's privacy rules for search access? ("This Data Type's X's Y" can't grant search access right now)

Hello Bubble Forum,

I have a question about privacy rules and search access. For example, I want to create a rule that says “This Post’s Author’s Friends contains Current User” and grant search access to users who meet this condition. Is this something that Bubble will support in the future? Right now, we must add extra fields, which is not optimal.

Is the Bubble development team planning to release a feature that will allow us to access data types with more complex relationships? That would be very helpful.

Thank you very much!

Hi there, @gabriel.guerin… as I’m guessing you know, nobody in the forum can answer your question, but the feature you are requesting has been brought up many times over, and you should definitely consider upvoting this idea on the ideaboard. You could also consider reaching out to Bubble support, but I am guessing they would also tell you to upvote that idea.



Hi @mikeloc,

Thanks for your helpful reply. I hadn’t found the idea on the Ideaboard while searching, so thanks for sharing, I just upvoted it now.

I hope Bubble will consider implementing this feature soon. It would make a huge difference.

As always,