Fuzzy autosearch plugin not functioning

@eduKit I am having the same problem you reported and got no replies to…did you ever find a solution or did you have to abandon using the plugin?


I get very inconsistent results using this…on version-test some pages are showing search results as expected and seen during debugger mode ( my search is in a header )

However on some pages in version-test I get no results displayed when searching the same way

Also on live mode I get no results back on any page…and I have deployed a new version after developing everything needed

Any ideas of what the issue is? Have you had feedback on this before and found a way to solve the issue?

Do you have some search examples in the database already? Also are you searching just by name or by other things in the description?

I have everything set up correctly I believe…I have over 5000 database entries for one search type for company listings…then I have some test data for three other data types such as couriers, products and brands

In the version-test debug mode everything works reliably…however in version-test it is unreliable and works on every other page…and in live mode it doesn’t work at all.

I have the search in a header which is a reusable element.

21%20PM 30%20PM

I have total four searches happening simultaneously to show all results at the same time ( like an app wide search )…so some searches are using just one field like name, while others are using up to five fields

It is just strange to see the inconsistency

A couple things to check:

  • The appear element is at the top of all other items that may cover it.
  • The clickable link of the search result is clear so the item is visible

I am going through my notes to find the solution in the meantime

Ok thanks…I feel like it is just an issue of the plugin not working properly as I get results sometimes as described and it is part of a reusable element so I figure it should either work all the time or not work all the time if it was an issue of how I set things up

In this case the inconsistency of the functionality of something in a reusable element has me stumped on what I might have done incorrectly…i’ve already spent three days on this and after finally getting it working started to test throughout the app on all pages and started to see the inconsistency of performance

I know how that feels. I used this to set it up:


The post of yours I linked to, where you describe the autosearch error as having a search box that is suppose to show because of the text that you typed doesn’t show up from time to time…

Did you find a solution to that? If so, do you remember what it was?

Thanks, I just posted about my problem in that thread as well.

By the way @eduKit did you ever find a solution to the issue you were having about the results not showing up from time to time?

I think I might have figured out what the problem is…will test tomorrow, but seems like when I deploy to live, the database is not the same ( ie: no data to search )…what a weird thing to not copy all data from development to live automatically


I have solved my own issue…it was the fact that the database from development mode wasn’t copied over to my live mode

One of the constraints were off and the search bar wasn’t visible