Fuzzy search & Autocomplete Plugin - problem with matching, why?

Hi all!

Currently I’ve got problem with mentioned plugin.

I’ve got object with two fields: title and description, and ​I am searching in the indicated fields.

The problem is that when I put “test” in search field, then appears result that doesn’t have “test” value, moreover, there is not even close!

Title field: “Zestaw kateringowy stolik”
Description field: Witam, zestaw kateringowy stolik, komplet, kompletów, przedmioty.

It’s something weird.

So to confirm, do you have a bunch of items in the DB, one with “test” in it and it isnt coming up but these low match number items are coming up?

Fuzzy search will be trying to find something even slightly close, the item doesnt need to contain the word, it can contain parts of it, it will then rank the results by how similar they are, and serve the most similar first.

I don’t even have one thing in DB with “test” value.

Do you recommend any other plugin that allows us to search DB by more then one field? Fuzzy search works unfortunately too randomly. :confused:

Whats the end result you’re looking for?

Fuzzy isnt about multiple fields specifically, its more so to match different but similar words

I meant this plugin Fuzzy Search & autocomplete allows us to search through DB by more then 1 field (in my case 2)

I wanted to have result that when in field title or description we’ve got word, for example “test” then this record is returned. In other way, return nothing.

I think if you set the criteria to 1 then it should only return results which contain the full word? But not at my desk atm so can’t check.

There might be another plugin to do that specifically, but I think you could also use an advanced filter for an Or condition, or you could do a search based on one field, a search based on another and then merge the results. Unsure which would be the best performance though

Hello @bartlomiejdettlaff, :wave:

The plugin is designed to enhance the search experience by allowing for fuzzy matching, which means it can find matches that are similar but not exactly the same as the search term. This feature is particularly useful for accommodating typos, plurals, and other variations in the search queries.

To address your issue with plugin not returning the expected search results, please try the following steps:

  1. Make sure the fuzzy search sensitivity settings are correctly adjusted to avoid too broad results.

  2. Verify plugin setup to ensure it’s properly configured to search your targeted fields (title and description).

  3. Check that Input Box ID’s are properly set up for the fields you’re searching through to improve search accuracy.

We hope this helps! If you have any other questions or need further assistance with our plugins, please let us know. :pray:

Best regards,
Zeroqode Support Team.