Fuzzy search in the backend

I’m working on a Slack integration where I would like to use a search string received from a Slack webhook, and then find a list of matching contacts in my database and pass this list of things as a JSON blob back to Slack, all via Backend workflows.

To my knowledge, there is no search action in the backend. Any ideas for a solution would be much appreciated.

Here is the Slack documentation outlining what I’m hoping to do.

Do you need fuzzy search for that? Sounds like you just need a regular database search, no? That is done as a data source not an action. e.g. Do a search for [datatype]

So which BE action should be used to perform this search? I don’t want to manipulate any data.

Its not supposed to be an action, for example if you make an API call, there would be some parameter you are sending, lets say “List of name”, so the data source for that would be Do a search for Contact:each item's Name (the search would have some constraints of course)

Ahh ok, that makes sense. Appreciate the steer!

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