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Fuzzy search issue


I have an issue with Fuzzy search (please see screenshots)

On my Invoice page, I have a RG with a list of invoices and a Fuzzy Search bar to search for clients invoices. When I make a search that matches one of the client name, it returns the client invoices and works like a charm.

But when I am looking for a client that doesn’t exist, it doesn’t return a blank result as it should be.

On my Client page, it works perfectly and return 0 results if it doesn’t match a client name.

I think it is because my Invoice RG is type invoice and my Search&Autocorrect is Customer type. But I don’t find a solution to make it works and return 0 results.

Any help?

Any help?

All right. I Found the solution setting up a condition. See screenshot. That works!
Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 13.47.43

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