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Galaxy Solutions (Ofering cheap and affordable mdts). (Free cad/mdt)

Galaxy Solutions

We are Galaxy Solutions, who are aiming to be a fast growing brilliant company! Galaxy is a brand new company opened in 2020, by a team of advanced developers and professional designers, that strive to meet all your needs when it comes to assistance with a product or problem. Our Team is dedicating proudly to offer you advanced quality products. Here at Galaxy Solutions we are committed and dedicated to offer you various to effectively support your needs. We offer top Cad/MTD’S, logos, discord servers and a bot helper for free. We understand that their are different time zones with that in mind we set of 24/7 assistants with any product. We make sure everything is to your liking, when obtaining a product. We are the fastest company as-well as the nicest and kindest. We are also recruiting staff and designers, who are active and work to their best ability and come up with great ideas! We have a professional staff team waiting for your ticket. Galaxy Solutions opened 6th, Febuary 2020.

What does Galaxy Solutions sell?

:round_pushpin: Discord Server Packages
:round_pushpin: Roleplay Community (Sops/Handbooks/Penal Codes/10 Codes)
:round_pushpin: Bundles for your Budget
:round_pushpin: Bothosting
:round_pushpin: Rp accessories
:round_pushpin: FREE CADS
:round_pushpin: Giveaways
And Much More For You

𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤:







Can you like repost this or try to edit? Y’all don’t have FREE CADS anymore


Pro Technology (PT)
Home of the cheapest products

Pro Technology is a new and upcoming company server. Pro Technology sells many things and we make sure it’s nice, cheap and fair. If your looking to buy anything as CADs, Logos, servers and systems. We do not over price anything and make sure everyone is happy for what they got, if your not willing to spend money we also have challenges as a way to earn products.

We have rewards for many things and keep the server nice and smooth. We offer:
•Great staff
•Active chats
•Nice members

If have have any questions please contact Altie#2818 or Zackery C.#7789 we are willing to answer as many questions as we can so feel free asking.

Server Link:

join and we can discuss something