Gap between Collapsing Groups

Hi everyone

I’m having an issue with which I would appreciate some assistance.

I have this page on which I have a collapsible menu on the left and a RG appearing in the middle of the page.

The RG is set to full list layout with 10 rows and 1 column.

In this case, I have no issues with the collapsing and toggling of the groups.

I tried to change the RG to 1 row and 1 column and reduce the size of the RG:

I now get a gap between my first two groups:

Why does this gap come when the RG is set to 1 row? Is there a way to overcome this please?



Try grouping the two together. Your single cell rg should have a container group around it…then the group on the left as your menu should be grouped with that group containing the rg.

This might fix that issue.

Things like this can get tricky, but it is usually a matter of grouping items together.

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Hi @boston85719

Thanks a lot , that did the trick. Appreciate the assistance! :pray:



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