Gaps between Floating Header and Group

I have a floating header and a group. The group should start touching the base of the header, but for some reason always starts with a gap: the blue line on my image is the background.

I’ve tried moving the group everywhere but no luck. Group Focus is not an alternative here due to other problems I’m having.


I will attempt to help you understand what is happening without actually seeing the editor or preview page itself.

Firstly, the floating header, should be in a floating group that is set to coordinates x = 0 and y = 0. Set it to float relative to “top”.

Then your group should be set below it. For example if the floating header has a height of 100, your group should be positioned at x-coordinate = 0 and y-coordinate = 100.

If that has already been done, and it is still functioning like this…search for elements on the page that are not visible…like a group with no background color that you may have “forgotten about” or was created accidentally because bubble likes to double create elements sometimes just for fun.

There may be another floating group larger than your header that you don’t see. Check the elements tree, try searching the page for all elements.

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Also, make sure you don’t have groups inside the floating group that larger than the latter.

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